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Scaling climate adaptation technology for a just transition
The 2024 heatwave in India highlights the urgent need for a just transition in climate adaptation, emphasising inclusive and resilient strategies to protect vulnerable communities and mitigate the social and economic impacts of extreme weather events. Posted on 16 Jul, 2024 10:06 PM

The summer of 2024 has shattered heat records, starkly illustrating the harsh realities of our warming planet. In India alone, the heatwave has claimed over 100 lives and caused more than 40,000 cases of heatstroke in recent months, according to data from India’s Health Ministry.

Championing inclusive and resilient climate solutions (Image: Asian Development Bank, CC BY-NC 2.0)
India should be spearheading the circular shift in the global south
With its rising innovation and technology culture and its reputation as a global growth engine, India has the ability to assist the Global South's circular transition. Posted on 16 Jul, 2024 11:30 AM

The G20 Leaders' Declaration from New Delhi demonstrated India's expanding power and ambitions to support stability and good global governance. India's endeavour to maintain a balance between its domestic interests and its global obligations distinguishes its place in the evolving geopolitical landscape.

India's circular ambition (Image:  Markus Winkler, Pexels)
Banni grasslands, a lifeline for Maldharis from Kachchh district of Gujarat
Pastoralism is not just an economic activity for the Maldharis residing in the Banni grasslands, but a way of life in which pastoralists, livestock, land and culture are inseparable parts of a dynamic ecosystem. Posted on 16 Jul, 2024 03:03 AM

Banni grasslands in the Bhuj taluka of Kachchh district in Gujarat are spread over an area of 2600 km2 and are the largest natural tropical grasslands in the Indian subcontinent that thrive in arid conditions with an average annual rainfall of a mere 317 millimetres. Droughts are a common occurance in Banni. 

Maldharis, migratory pastoralists of Banni

Maldharis grazing buffaloes on grasslands (Image Source: A. J. T. Johnsingh, WWF-India and NCF via Wikimedia Commons)
Meter, Measure, Manage: Engineering a data-based approach for water conservation
Kritsnam where engineering meets hydrology, founded by K. Sri Harsha focuses on developing accurate, easy to install, temper-proof, and weather-proof smart water metering solutions to deal with the growing water crisis in India. Posted on 15 Jul, 2024 03:35 PM

The recent water crisis in Delhi starkly underscores the looming water challenges faced by major Indian cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai. This situation reveals the anarchy prevalent in water resource management and governance. While the Delhi government and neighboring states engage in a blame game, water sector experts remain united.

An AI generated image, highlighting water shortage and use of tankers to provide water but water being wasted when available (Image Source: Praharsh Patel)
The conundrum of water quality in urban water supply in India
This article argues for the need to explore an alternative model of decentralised treatment and non-pipe mode of water supply to overcome the issues of water quality in cities in India. Posted on 13 Jul, 2024 02:36 PM

The recent Pey Jal Survekshan reveals that only 10 percent of cities provide safe drinking water to their citizens.

Piped water, but is it safe water? (Image Source: IWP Flickr photos)
How can India break the disaster cycle?
Considering India's diverse geography, what actions can be taken to address specific natural disasters like floods, droughts, or landslides Posted on 12 Jul, 2024 01:33 PM

Since the beginning of 2024, some parts of India have been reeling under the cycle of unpredictable weather and natural disasters due to climate change.

Floods induced by climate change (Image: CC0 1.0)
A silent crisis in Indian farmlands: The disappearing trees
Millions of trees are fast disappearing from India's farmlands. What are its implications for agriculture and the environment? Posted on 10 Jul, 2024 01:51 PM

A silent crisis is brewing in India's agricultural heartland. It's a crisis that threatens not only the livelihoods of millions of farmers but also the ecological balance of the subcontinent. This silent menace is the disappearance of millions of trees from farmlands across the country.

Disappearing trees over Indian farmlands (Image Source: WOTR)
From scarcity to sharing: How farmers are managing groundwater in Rayalaseema
Community governance for groundwater management Posted on 02 Jul, 2024 03:34 PM

May 2024 has shattered many global temperature records on land and in the oceans. It was no different, as parts of India recorded some of its harshest temperatures.

Jasmine on the fields as part of the groundwater collectivisation agreement at Kummara Vandla Palli village, Sri Satya Sai District. (Images: WASSAN/Swaran)
How Burhanpur became India's first Har Ghar Jal District
SHGs empower women, ensure sustainability: A model for water tax collection in Burhanpur Posted on 30 Jun, 2024 10:56 PM

Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, is a hub of power loom industry and one of the oldest districts in the state. When Jal Jeevan Mission was launched in 2019, only 36.54% rural households in the district had access to potable drinking water through tap connections.

Rural water security (Image: Shawn, Save the Children USA; CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
Urbanisation eats away Bengaluru's lakes
How has urbanisation affected Bengaluru's lakes? This study explores. Posted on 30 Jun, 2024 10:56 PM

Urban and periurban water landscapes of Bengaluru

Puthenhalli lake, Bengaluru (Image Source: SlowPhoton via Wikimedia Commons)