The/Nudge Prize - Ashirvad Water Challenge

SmartTerra emerged as the Winner, winning INR 1 crore
SmartTerra emerged as the Winner, winning INR 1 crore

The Nudge Foundation is thrilled to share with you that after an intense 18-month journey, we have the winners of The/Nudge Prize - Ashirvad Water Challenge! 

SmartTerra, a Bangalore-based AI-powered NRW Analytics solution and Solinas Integrity, a Chennai-based Robotic Leak Detection solution were announced Winner & Runner-up respectively at the Grand Finale at the India Habitat Centre in Delhi on September 18, 2023.

As you already know, this challenge attracted some of the brightest minds in the nation, solving one of our toughest challenges - enabling clean drinking water for all. While every contestant worked hard to prove their impact and potential scale, , 7 organisations stood out in demonstrating outstanding dedication and ingenuity in their missions. 

These are :

  1. Aumsat: Geo-Analytics for Leaks
  2. i47 Labs: Smart Water Consumption
  3. Ossus Bio: Bio-Energy from Wastewater
  4. SmartTerra: AI-powered NRW Analytics
  5. Solinas Integrity: Robotic Leak Detection
  6. Urdhvam Environmental Technologies: Groundwater Recharge
  7. VasBros (Organic Aqua Solutions): Arsenic Mitigation & Community Management 

The 7 Finalists underwent multiple rounds of selection and evaluation before we got to the winner and runner-up - who were unveiled at the event.

Solinas Integrity emerged as the Runner-Up, winning INR 75 lakhs

Along with celebrating the winners, we were really pleased that the occasion served to highlight stories of change and resilience from all the finalists. It was well attended by teams from WaterAid, WaterEquity, Water For People, Arghyam, Social Alpha, Naandi Water and more stakeholders from the Water ecosystem.

Line De Decker (Chief Human Resources and Sustainability Officer, Aliaxis), VK Madhavan (Chief Executive, WaterAid India, and Advisor, Ashirvad Water Challenge, and Arun Seth (Co-Founder, The/Nudge Institute) shared words of encouragement and advice to all the contestants of the challenge.

These 18 months have been a true harbinger of grit & purpose - the innovations, and scale journeys from the contestants have helped all of the connected ecosystems to collaborate better across the value chain of water. We really believe that these organisations will continue to champion the mission of ‘clean water for all’.

Join us in extending our heartfelt congratulations to the winners and wishing them all the best as they continue to scale their impact.

You can meet all the finalists here (link to website & some of the press that the winners got), and watch this space for updates on what’s happening next at the Ashirvad Water Challenge.

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Post By: Amita Bhaduri