Capacity Building on Gravity Irrigation Networks (GINs) in Hilly Areas for Non-Govt. and Govt. Development Agencies in South Asia

Location: Araku Valley, ASR District, Andhra Pradesh, India (18.3246, 82.8796)

Mode: Physical, Medium: English

Duration and Date(s): 08-10 Jan 2024 (3 days)

Organized by: Wassan and WLF, Hyderabad, India

Register and Express Your Interest to participate (or) participate and Share Your GIN experience using the Link:

Last date for registration: 10 Dec 2023 (Confirmation of participation is done on first come basis. Invitations are issued as soon as possible for participants from other countries.)


Tapping and diverting natural hill steams and springs for providing irrigation through ‘Gravity Irrigation Networks (GINs)’ has gained popularity not only in India, but also in neighbouring countries such as Bhutan, Nepal etc. In these systems, spring water is tapped by constructing a low-height barrier and carried for longer distances, often for 1-2 km, using PVC and HDPE pipes under pressure. Sometimes they are blended with open channel flow for expansive area coverage.

If these GINs are appropriately designed, they could effectively meet the irrigation as well as drinking water needs of the local communities. Since water flows by gravity, there is absolutely no need for external pumping or energy for operating these systems. However, such pipe networks, if arbitrarily sized, results in undue capital costs; operational difficulties to communities and huge maintenance costs during later years.

This capacity building event not only provides opportunity to learn from experts, about technical, social and economic aspects of these GINs, exchange experiences, as well as visit and see diverse types of GIN systems, both under-construction and functional ones in Araku Valley, India.

About Wassan:

Watershed Support Services and Activities Network (WASSAN) is a development organization in India that strengthens grass-roots efforts and policy measures in sustainable use of natural resources. Prosperity of rainfed and small-holder farming is at the center of its work. More details of WASSAN are available at:

About WLF:

Water and Livelihoods Foundation (WLF) is a development organization in India. WLF strives towards achieving water security and livelihoods enhancement of poor through grass-roots initiatives; technological innovations; and capacity building. WLF has acquired diverse experiences on GINs through its interventions in India and Bhutan in recent years.  More details of WLF are available at:

Objectives of the Event:

1) To facilitate exchange of knowledge and experience of GIN (both technical and non-technical)

2) To learn from the field experiences in Araku Valley, both on-going and functional GINs

3) To motivate participants to integrate GINs in their on-going projects in their work areas

4) To trigger a policy shift in favour of GINs, which is a green and nature-based solution

 Costs of the Event:

The organizers of the event will cover the costs of accommodation, food, field trips, and meeting facilities. The participants are expected to meet their travel expenditure to and from their place to Araku. Partial financial support for travel is provided to deserving applicants depending on the availability of funds on a case-by-case basis.


The capacity building event will have a blend of exchange of experiences through PPTs and group discussions as well as visits to few villages in a radius of 50 km from Araku, where GINs are being executed / already functional.

Target Participants:

Development agencies, such as, NGO staff, ITDAs, CSR agencies, donor organizations, especially working in hilly tribal areas. Research scholars, students and development professionals interested in this may also participate.

Process of Expression of Interest (EoI):

EoI to participate in the event may be indicated by filling in the Google Form before 10 Dec 2023:

Mail any query related to this event to:

Donors interested to co-fund are requested to contact: Ramamohan: +91 9440194866.

For more details about the event see brochure below.

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